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Gifts to Get Your Dog

Who runs your house? Your dog or your dog? It’s their world, and we’re just livin’ in it. Man’s best friend only deserves to be treated like the kings or queens they are. These guys sleep in your bed, snack on your food, and you can’t help but to love every minute of it. You… Read more »

How to Be Good at Arm Wrestling

Get your muscles warmed up and ready because it’s about to go down.  Don’t just rely on your big guns though – you’ll need to be clever and witty, too. Here are some tips for your next match.   The accidental sneeze Ahhhchooo! A good ole’ sneeze in someone’s personal space is sure to throw… Read more »

Best Cities to Explore

Get ready because things are about to get a little more fast-paced. Take a little trip to some big places! Time to explore some of the best cities in the USA. See some sights, soak up the culture, get your grub on, and feel the energy these destinations bring to the table. New York, New… Read more »

Ways to Convince Your Spouse to Get a Truck

Other than some of the obvious things, what’s your dream?! A truck, duh! That’s right, we know you. We know that if it was only up to you, you’d be driving a truck a long time ago. The little hitch though, convincing your lady. Yeah, yeah, we get it… happy wife, happy life am I… Read more »

Things Every Man Needs for His Man Cave

There’s 2 rules for every man cave: 1) you’ve got a drink in your hand at all times, and 2) no women allowed. This is your space to kick your boots off, let your hair down and crack a cold one with your good buddies. To be honest, your wife is probably relieved she gets… Read more »

Craft Beer and Food Pairings

Yes, craft beer does include more than just IPAs. We would not consider ourselves beer snobs, but we are fans of having a good time and eating right. Check out this guide to the best type of food to go with your next craft beer.   Light Lagers These light crisp beers pair well with… Read more »

Best Holiday Movies

The ultimate feel good movies are holiday movies. There is something so comforting about watching the same movies every year. We have picked out a list of holiday masterpieces you have to watch this season. It truly is the best time of the year! The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Deck the Halls The Holiday Love,… Read more »

Stuffing Done Right

Stuffing is a classic Thanksgiving menu item. Just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We’ve added a little bit of sweetness in this dish to make it pop. Try out this festive take on a classic. Ingredients – 2 sticks of unsalted butter – 1 ½ pounds of day-old white… Read more »

Tasty Wing Sauce Recipe

Chicken wings are a class of their own. While the cook and the size are important, but what would a good chicken wing be without the right sauce? The sauce is really the helping hand that give this amazing food its popularity. If there is not the right sauce or the right amount of sauce,… Read more »

Subscription Services Worth Every Penny

Mystery Tackle Box®: How cool is this? You can choose between two different plans: standard or a pro plan and get expert fishers to pick out products for you based on your preference of species. The standard pricing is $19.99/month and pro pricing is $29.99/month. Skillshare®: This subscription is very similar to YouTube®, the difference… Read more »